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31 January 2019Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Royal Academy
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28 March 2019Easter Presents from Fabergé
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30 May 2019Treasures of the Turf
27 June 2019The Beauty of Frames
26 September 2019Secret Art in the Passport
31 October 2019Sporting Architecture: List it or Lose it
28 November 2019Is Christmas in Good Taste? :

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Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Royal Academy Rosalind Whyte Thursday 31 January 2019

To mark the Academy’s 250th anniversary,Rosalind Whyte looks at some of the artists involved at the very beginning (including the first President, Sir Joshua Reynolds) and brings us right up to date, where amongst its members are a number of contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin and Cornelia Parker.  Along the way, she describes some of the colourful characters connected with the RA and some of the controversies at the institution, as well as at the Summer Exhibition, always central to its role.