05 October 2018Overseas Tour 2018
02 October 2018Outing to Sworders
04 July 2018Visit to Stowe House & Gardens
01 July 2018Summer Lunch-June 2018
25 June 2018Young Arts support at the Isabel Hospice
23 June 2018Completion of Young Arts Mosaic project 2018
10 May 2018A walk with the Church Recorders - May 2018
05 May 2018Society’s sponsorship of 3D prize – Hertford Art Society’s Open Exhibition
09 March 2018Young Art Project 2018

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Overseas Tour 2018
Friday 05 October 2018

This year’s Overseas Tour was to the Netherlands.  The first week of October, still lovely weather and plenty to see.  We stayed in the Hague, and also spent a day in  Amsterdam (busy) and Delft (charming).

We had an excellent guide, who showed us around a range of galleries, cathedrals and museums.  We learnt a lot – the girl is not wearing a pearl earing but a bit of costume jewellery, Amsterdam is not the capital of Holland, it’s the Hague, and anyway it’s not Holland but ‘The Netherlands’.  But you probably knew all that. 

Most astonishing picture was probably the Mesdag Panorama, a painting of Hague’s docks, shoreline, streets and countryside that completely surrounds the viewer.  We were treated to many ‘top paintings’ (notably said Girl with the PE, The Goldfinch, The Night Watch), several Rembrandt self-portraits, ditto Vincent van G, and one intriguing picture painted jointly by Rembrandt and Bruegel.

The tour was a great success, enjoyed by all. The picture is of some of our group paying homage to an early Mondrian.