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01 February 2018Russian art & architecture from the Vikings to Romanovs
02 November 2017Gainsborough in Bath – High Society and the Bath Season
02 February 2017Pepys, Wren & the Great Fire of London

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Russian art & architecture from the Vikings to Romanovs Jane Angellini Thursday 01 February 2018

We will be holding a Special Interest Day (SID) on Thursday 1st February when we look at Russian art & architecture from the Vikings to Romanovs.

The historical background to the day is the evolution of the Russian people from their misty beginings as Viking traders in the 8th century to Prince Vladimir of Kiev’s adoption of the Orthodox branch of Christianity in the late 10th century, when they inherited a specific style of religious art and architecture from Byzantium.

The introduction of Orthodoxy from Byzantium brought with it the centrally planned domed church and the hierarchic arrangement of holy images inside; the practice of venerating icons; and of course the liturgy itself. With their profound and innate artistic genius, the Russians adapted and restructured the Byzantine forms of church architecture to blend with native traditions of wooden architecture. Their icon paintings are imbued with a spirit that is markedly Russian, soft and sublime.

This period of Russian history and culture, before the founding of St Petersburg, is less well known, yet full of delight and interest.

The SID will be run by Jane Angellini, who has given us some excellent talks in the past. It will comprise 3 sessions, the first starting at 10.30 am in the Dinant Room; a sandwich lunch will be provided between the 2nd and 3rd session. Price £25. If you can’t book in person contact Sue Rogers whose details are in your programme